Just a little bracelet

These are just little pieces…but I’m still curious about them. The bracelet with the single stone has a M.mark on the back side. Does anyone recognize it, please? The small 6 stone bracelet… i’m not too sure of? It has a different look and even feel than my other pieces. I’m not sure if its just older… or of a lower quality? maybe both. Now for The ring. Am I correct in thinking the stones of this type are of good quality? There is no mark… If anyone will kindly share their knowledge on any of these pieces, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :smile:

The single stone is a Navajo bracelet. Are you sure it is not a JW? The stone looks like a nice little piece of Kingman. The second bracelet is Zuni and the turquoise has been carved, it is a nice piece and much better than the single stone piece. The last piece, ring, is very nice. I would cal the stone Kingman with pyrite and style of cut. Who knows the artist? This is a common style and many different silversmiths do this type of work. An artist by the name Don Lewis did a lot of work similar to this. Thank you for sharing.

Jason, thank you very much :slight_smile: That information is most helpful. And you are probably right about the JW… I don’t know why I didn’t see it before… Lol. Do you know of anyone who uses that mark? One last question… Do you know relatively how much these items would be worth? If I needed to sell them… What is reasonable to ask? I really appreciate it & thank you again :slight_smile:

We work with an artist by the name of Justin Wilson, but this is just not his style. I would ask $60 - $90 for the single stone, $130 - $160 for the Zuni carved turquoise and the same for the ring. Good luck!

Hi Jason - I looked up Justin Wilson & he had some beautiful pieces :slight_smile: I will keep digging for others with JW. I thank you for the other info too! It’s so difficult to know what are fair & reasonable prices to put on things. We have so many pieces in the collection we have. Your help gives me something to compare to. I really appreciate it. Now I just need to find someone who might be interested in buying them… :wink: lol.