Justin Wilson Sr., not Juliana Williams?

I’ve wanted a pair of cluster earrings in this style ever since I saw a student who was manning the desk at a museum in Tucson wearing a pair like this. She was Navajo, and she told me hers had been a graduation present. Hers were Navajo-made, not Zuni, which is what I am always curious about when looking at cluster work.

I found these and am delighted with them.

The signature is JMW. Is that Justin Wilson, Sr. (I think Justin Wilson, Jr. has a different hallmark)? Or is it Juliana Williams? These are two signatures that seem to get mixed up a lot in auction listings.

Any guess on turquoise? These are a lighter brighter blue than in pictures.

One photo shows the earrings next to a Zuni-made cuff signed with “D” which I’m also trying to identify elsewhere. But I’m here because I think Jason knows the Wilson family’s work and may be able to recognize it.


On the cuff, if you’re curious – the earrings are the main thing here – I was just told it’s by Doris Ondelacy or Diane Lonjose, probably the former.

Yes, that is the Wilson family. The hallmarks are always confusing. It seems that the middle initial is the wife’s. It also seems that this changes a few times over the course of the career. Sr. is still living and making jewelry, I believe the last one I saw was just a JW. His son Jr. makes jewelry and uses JSW for Justin and Saraphina Wilson.

Diane Lonjose is the daughter of Alice Quam. Alice is the the daughter of Warren and Doris Ondelacy. Looking at the piece I would think the grandparents, but the D is usually associated with a W, D & W.

Beautiful jewelry.


Thank you so much, Jason. You’ve mentioned the Wilson family before, so I knew you’d be able to identify their work. I agree, it is beautiful – work by very gifted people.