Kachina belt, bolo and buckle- need help with ID, please

I bought this beautiful big set from a lady who said her mom bought it in the 1970’s for $1500.00 and I am hoping someone will know who the maker is. The only mark I see is Sterling. The belt is long enough for a man or a large lady. My goal is to sell it, when I can find out the maker.

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Beautiful Tewa pieces! Hopefully one of the pros will recognize the work.

I’m such a beginner, I had to look up Tewa. Thank you!

Look at the carving on the sun’s rays/feather headdress. I don’t know the artist, but I think the big clue here is how the mother of pearl is carved.

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Do you have pictures of the reverse? I would have thought of this as Zuni “Sunface” motif and work, not Tewa. I agree, the detailed carving will help identify the artist.

The backs are somewhatconcave. Not all pieces are marked Sterling


Sorry- that should have been that the backs are somewhat concave. Not all sections of the belt are marked Sterling. Extremely heavy- set weighs over 18 ounces.

Wow! That is a beautiful piece of art…

…and looks fairly old…and clean work…

there is an inlay bald eagle pin sitting out there for sale, J.T.Lonjose, Zuni. all of the feathers are similarly carved. maybe a starting place

Looks a lot like some of the belts by Myra Tucson - I will try to insert an image.


Yes, kind of similar! Could you provide a closeup? Are the feathers carved? I looked her up in Barton Wright’s book. Is your signed/marked? I can find no marks on mine. Thank you so much!

Katsina Tewa from the Hopi. All of these pueblo and Rio Grande tribes have very mixed beliefs. When I said Tewa I did not mean “the Tewa people” rather the katsina “Tewa” or Sun face, commonly referred to as either Zuni or Hopi Sun face Kachina

This isn’t Myra Tucson’s work. She didn’t carve feathers and her inlay is flush, rather than raised up a little.