Kenneth Begay necklace

I found this at an estate sale here in Portland. I’m in love with this necklace- the weight of it, the smooth way the swirls fit together. It’s so perfectly designed.


What a great find, enjoy.


Wow! Amazing find, what a necklace. :heart_eyes:


Wow, great find, congrats!


Wow! Be sure to get it appraised if you ever decide to sell. His stuff can go for the tens of thousands.

@Chaparral Other than Sarah’s own listing, I haven’t seen that kind of pricing.

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I saw a necklace a while back for $25,000, I think maybe it was here at PN. I’ll look and see if I can find it.

Edit… not finding it. It was one of the big name traders. All I’m seeing now is a pendant someone has for $15k and the matchbox for $12.5k that’s been on there awhile. And this one above of course.

I am taking offers! I have it up on eBay and Etsy right now. Pricing it was a little tricky because there aren’t many necklace examples to go by. I was seeing several cuffs in the neighborhood of $8k retail.

Good luck, it’s amazing. I would keep it and wear it!

It’s tempting… if I start selling some other stuff I may hoard it lol.

Wow, that is wonderful! Congrats on finding it.

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Thanks! Every once in a while I spot something amazing:)

I’m amazed that it was in Portland, where I am too. I’ve never seen any NA jewelry at any estate sale I’ve been too. I gave up, but you’re inspiring me!