Kevin Barnhill necklace

I have a necklace that I am pretty sure is a Kevin Lee Barnhill piece. I can’t find anything on the artist. His mark is very distinctive with the K…

Previous topic on this forum. Jason can probably assist you.

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Kevin is a man of many skills. He has slowed down some, but in the boom of the 1980s he had Custom K’s and was making lots of great stuff. He does a little work for StoneWeaver. This piece definitely has an 80s look. Kevin is an anglo artist.

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Thanks so much for the info. Happy to know where and who made this piece. Is there much monetary value to this piece? Granddaughter trying to talk me out of it lol.

It has a value. Kevin makes very nice pieces. How big is the pendant?

Pendant is about two inches long by a little over one and one half inches wide. Heavy pendant. Don’t know what the brown beads are on chain.