Key Ring

Hi, I have this key ring and I believe it’s Navajo. I am coming up with several people when I research this mark. Also, there are 2 marks (Bennett) and AP. Please help me identify the maker of this piece. Thank you!

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I am not sure how it works for the key chain, but for bolo ties with the Bennett Pat. Pend. C-31 helps you date it to some extent. These clips were made from 1957 to 1967, it makes sense that this would be the same time frame. However, it doesn’t mean it is that old. We have several old findings here in the shop hoping to still be used. The key ring could be a 1970s piece. It does have a nice piece of turquoise that you don’t see used in these type of pieces anymore. You are going to have a very difficult time finding the artist name. It is Navajo. Thanks for sharing.

The unstable turquoise is wonderful. See a lot of new ones out of Mexico going for this look, they fail. Bears workmanship they no longer take the time with. Just my humble opinion. Nice.