Kingman old stock rough turquoise

Hi again :grin: I have more rough pieces that I’m preparing to sell. They are all natural old stock from the old Kingman Mine. I’ve been told that this particular color is nearly unobtainable anymore. I’m a little doubtful if this is true or not…??? But I need to gather more info before pricing them. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, in advance :slight_smile:
Note: all pieces are shown wet.

Hi. Thanks for showing pictures. I also have a lot of nuggets which seem to have
very similar appearance to the top two. mine are nuggets mostly and stabilized

I obtained a box of assorted nuggets and slabs from a “grandpa’s” collection.

If you compare the color with the yellow tape measure and size to penny.

We have something similar that

just isn’t in the thin slices. I would call this $450 - $600 a pound. I don’t cut stones but I think the number I always hear is 1500 carats a pound. After paying for the cutting, cabbing and polishing you are going to have something around a $1.00 carat cab. These types of stones with lots of matrix might not have as good of a yield making the price higher. Hope this helps.

My thanks to both posters. Yes indeed it does help. Appreciate you sharing the photos as well. Great specimens!! Thanks so much :slight_smile: