Kingman or maybe SB?

I bought this back in '93 at the Hopi House at GC in their small pawn room (I believe Jeff Ogg of Ogg’s Hogan was still the buyer back then according to a video interview I saw). No hallmark (except a sterling stamp) on it, and it’s pretty heavy silver which is nice. I was drawn to the slightly modern look, and the way the stone is somewhat off center. I always assumed it was Kingman, because it seems like most is everything is Kingman, but is it possible this is Sleeping Beauty turquoise? There is a tiny bit of pyrite in the matrix. Just curious.

I’m hoping to stop at Hopi House when we’re out there in April, so I started wondering again about this cuff.


Yes, I would call that Sleeeping Beauty. Dan Jackson would make some beautiful pieces in this style, but his work would most likely be hallmarked.


Thanks, Jason. I never really considered Sleeping Beauty until I started learning more about it on this site. It does have a look similar to that piece, but it is definitely not hallmarked.

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@Ziacat This looks like Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Super nice cuff.


@Ziacat So beautiful. Lucky find! When I was at Hopi House in 2022 it didn’t have an old pawn section; you’ll have to update with a report.


Thanks! I haven’t even been wearing it lately; I just pulled it out again.

So I can’t recall exactly. I may be remembering wrongly; I don’t know that it was a pawn room, but it seems like there was a smaller room off the main area - but this was 30 + years ago. But I’m pretty sure this cuff was pawn (and I bought a ring the next year), although they didn’t give me a ticket, and I don’t think it’s very old. I really can’t remember details about the actual cuff, because that was before I knew what to ask. I had just learned what pawn was a couple years previously at Four Winds traders in Flag, so I was happy that I found some more. This would have been when Jeff Ogg was the buyer, because I just watched a video again where he said he was there till about '98.

I haven’t been in Hopi House for a very long time, so I’m looking forward to going in at least for memory’s sake. I have an old photo of me sitting on my brother’s shoulders in '69 outside of Hopi House watching a Native American dance. Good memories!


Nice cuff @Ziacat! Beautiful stone! I have a polished Sleeping Beauty cab that looks very similar to yours (purchased in Globe AZ years ago at the same time as the infamous “lost vein” Sleeping Beauty cabs🥴).
LOVE Hopi House, but as @chicfarmer indicated, it isn’t what it used to be. And of course the Watchtower; can’t get enough of Fred Kabotie’s murals! I want (need) to get back there soon. Hope you make it in April🤞. We’re thinking of an October trip to the southwest hopefully revisit a lot of the Natl. Parks…glorious in the fall! It’s been too long!