Kirk Smith Bracelet

I aquired this Kirk Smith bracelet recently and like it more with each passing day. I’m hoping it’s authentic and curious on the turquoise. Number 8? I haven’t been right on my other guesses but it doesn’t bother me one way or the other. I buy because I like them not to resell. This site is awesome valuable info and able to learn so much.


I appreciate your sharing. I like looking at the Revivalist work and I’ve been learning about the work these artists have done. I am a big fan of Betty Joe’s earrings and am becoming interested in Dean Brown and Anthony Skeets – and all these artists are taking me back around to Kirk Smith and Harry Morgan. I lost an auction for a Kirk Smith cuff last month. I am dreaming about a pair of Kirk Smith earrings.

Trying to understand their oxidation techniques. Are they doing the same thing that I see when I am looking at 70s jewelry, with the recessed areas darkened by liver of sulfur? Is that what was done around the repousse work on the flanks of this cuff?

And yeah, that stone. That is a beautiful stone. I don’t know how I am even looking at the silver, with that stone staring me right in the face, but it’s the silver that interests me in these Revivalist artists.

Hi Saef,

I have been reading up on this classic revivalist Navajo motif as well. The finish mimics the appearance and patina of naturally aged silver from what I have read.

I looked at the work of Dean Brown and Anthony Skeets as you mentioned and their work is beautiful. They both worked under Kirk Smith and you can really tell.

Great bracelet. That is Turquoise Mountain, not Number Eight. It is a beautiful stone.

Jason you’re so informative as always. Funny, I don’t think I’ve purchased many pieces that end up being what was the seller listed it as when purchasing turquoise :slight_smile:

Do you have any input on the hallmarks Kirk used. One sight that I visited stated that pieces were showing up on the market that were made after his death based upon the turquoise used.

The last pieces I saw him make had his full name. However, no mistaking yours is a Kirk Smith. I have never heard of fake Kirk Smith pieces. He hasn’t been gone that long and I can’t think of how turquoise would determine if it was a Kirk Smith piece or not. I see Gloria (his wife) often and will ask her if she has heard about fake Kirk Smith pieces.

I’m going to PM you the reference that I read. It was a site that was selling his jewelry. Darlene