Kirk Smith Turquoise Concho Belt: Value? Age? Turquoise used?

It has five conchas and six butterflies, all decorated with repousse and deep stamping, and each piece is mounted on a solid leather cutout. The butterflies have each 7, the conchas have each 13 cabochon mounted. Each is attached to the leather belt with copper keepers. The buckle is also covered with repousse and stamped designs, and 6 turquoise cabs. The back of the buckle is stamped “Kirk Smith” (scripted) and “Sterling”.
I did some research but saw only pieces stamped “KS”. Could someone tell me when he changed the hallmark from “Kirk Smith” (scripted) to “KS”. Although I would like to know which type of turquoise was used for the cabachons. And finally I would be interested about the value of this piece. THANKS


Great to see this, Kirk made a number of these and they always looked amazing. He was using KS in the early 2000s. I would guess he changed the full spelling within the last 10 years before his passing. The turquoise is Chinese. If I remember right these belts would sell around $1800 - $2200 before his death, so they will definitely have a premium now.

Suzanne James always traded a lot of Kirk Smith jewelry on eBay. She has this belt up now You might follow this just to see what kind of action she gets.

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