KJ Marking

I have a vintage silver necklace that I’m told is Navajo from the 1960’s. On the back are just the initials, KJ, nothing else. Attached are pictures. Thanks for the help.

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/b9b3eb8737e4e878b05586b1970647d7aea7be2f.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/cb4bef8b9d12fe4331c92bcac015a5bdd549386d.jpg">

I have a piece with that marking as well. I believe it may be Tracey Knifewing

I don’t know if I would call this 60s, but it does have some age. Ray Tracey was partners with a Knifewing Segura, that is where that name comes from, but they would not have made something like this. The K and J are letter stamps, this could be anyone with those initials, the style does not identify the artist on this work, hope that helps.

Jason, please clear up my confusion…

So, according to Schaaf, Ray Tracey, Knifewing Segura and Tracey Knifewing are people. Other references talk about Tracey Knifewing as a partnership between RT and KS. Which is correct? If a partnership who actually made the Tracey Knifewing jewelry? Are they handmade by either individual or did they have other craftsmen making their designs?


Ray Tracey and Knifewing Segura are real people. Knifewing still does some promotions here in Gallup, his latest was the Gallup Film Festival. We see him on occasion. I am not sure what Ray Tracey is doing, or if he is in Gallup. Tracey Knifewing would refer to the partnership, not a person. They had a shop and would have craftsmen making their designs.

Ray Tracey was a handsome man and had an acting career. If you search under his name on eBay, some old film stills will come up along with his jewelry. (Or Google “Joe Panther,” a movie he was in.) I connect his collaborative work with Knifewing Segura with bold geometric shapes and abstract inlay.

Just wore these earrings to the office the other day. I suspect they’re from the late 1980s-early 1990s because of the purples and the doorknocker style. I’ve flipped them in the second picture to show the hallmark – a rather detailed wing with the feathers outlined. Sorry for the flash & darkness – it’s pretty dark when I get in from commuting.