Knifewing Questions

I saw this pendant in a local online estate auction.
Here is the description: Silver Pendant Total Weight is 9.7gm 1.75inX1in

The auction has a vareity of jewelry pieces that are marked Mexico, plus common estate items like tools dishes, clothing, etc.
All if the jewelry is described by weight and sometimes color of the stones.

The only marks on this piece are on the bail.
Does this appear to have been made in Mexico?
What does it represent?
Any ideas on a fair price?

Thank you


I think this is a Mexican imitation of Zuni inlay. I’m not super familiar with Mexican marks, but that’s what the mark looks like to me. Also the inlay and in particular the materials don’t look right for Zuni; the “turquoise” and “coral” are some sort of imitation materials. I would just call it a bird with a sunface-like design on it. Knifewings have a wider wing spread, human-like legs in a squat position, and a stepped cap.


I agree with Orbit, looks like a Mexican taxco mark.

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It is a Mexican piece. The entire mark would be MCR within a circle of Mexico Taxco 925 per Hougarts Mexican Silver Hallmarks.


Thanks for the info everyone.
I still like it and will see how high it goes for.

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To me it looks like they were trying to copy a thunderbird.

I had a ring very much like this screenshot years ago, but gave it to a neice. Mine was Zuni.

I also think he looks like a mini Pileated Woodpecker (the head anyway).


I like him too, he’s cute! I love birds.