Know of any silversmiths in Northern NJ or nearby?

I have a couple of rings I’d like resized (one with inlaid stones that jewelers shy away from working on) and I have an old coin that I want to turn into a pendant for my daughter and would like something fabricated in silver for that.
Thanks in advance for any info!

I had some rings and pendents custom made by Ellen Locicero in New Jersey…she did a beautiful job and was a delight to work with!! You can let her know that Amy Dunn referred you. If she can’t help you, she might be able to refer your to someone who can.

Thanks for the suggestion, Amy.
She’s rather far from me but maybe she can suggest someone closer by.

Personally, if they are Native American rings I would have them resized with one of the references from this forum who work with NA jewelry. I have not found a jeweler in the Tristate area that I would trust with my NA items.

Just wrap w/pipecleaners to make big rings fit :slightly_smiling_face:
Was going to just snip the back of a too small ring until I noticed it stayed on second joint of smallest finger just fine as it was.
& there are lotza “frames” to fit all sorts of coins. I’ve also punched holes & dapped some ;some both & some dapped & jump-rings on the back to make buttons. Decorative,not “working”.