Kokopelli overlay necklace

Wondering if this is Hopi and what’s its age? -Unsigned large Kokopelli overlay pendant with handmade link chain necklace. I like the look of this Kokopelli and that it clips off chain making both pieces interchangeable with other jewelry pieces.

Pendant 2 3/4" by 1 3/4"
Chain -adjustable 18"
Total weight my scale 26.7 grams


Wouldn’t call this Hopi. It is a contemporary piece.

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I have noticed to that most NA jewelry makers tend to shy away from using the Kokopelli in jewelry. Which makes me think this is more of a southwestern piece. The size is really unusual though!

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Thank you Bree. It is unusual which is what I look for when buying. I have read the Kokopelli has been revered since at least the time of the Hohokam, Yuman, and Pueblo peoples. This maybe why the Kokopelli is removable and it is not signed. Someone with experience beautifully hand crafted the pendent and chain. I think of this piece as American Indian in design and silverwork.