L.M.Y White Buffalo Turquoise Ring

I found this White Buffalo Turquoise Ring with the initials L.M.Y. I think that hallmark is Larry Moses Yazzie. If I am wrong, please correct me. Does anyone know anything about him or his jewelry? The only thing I could find was that he was Navajo. I’m including a pic of the ring, but could not get a good one of the hallmark.

Got a shot of the hallmark!

I had never heard of that name before, but that is what you get when you research it. Good looking ring.

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I do a lot of research online but I really need some good reference materials. I got the book Reassessing Hallmarks of Native American Jewelry. So I’ll be reading that. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Here is a thread on reference books Books on Southwest Indian Jewelry? - #23 by Bigbree43

I am so enjoying researching. Thanks!