Lapidary question

Hi rockhound members,
A relative wants to get a ring made using a stone that he collected. It’s an Israeli limestone. It would need to be stabilized and cut for setting, probably as a slab rather than a cab. Is it problematic to use something in the limestone family for these processes? Also, I assume I need a lapidarist to do this but don’t know of specific shops that would deal with a single-stone custom order. Thoughts?


Limestone is very soft. I have never heard of it being used for jewelry, but with the right stabalization, it might be possible.
Do you know the specific name of the stone or general area collected?

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@fernwood Thanks for taking a look. In my post above I mentioned it’s from Israel and gave a link to the type of limestone. I’m also thinking it’s not likely suitable for grinding and stabilizing but need to get confirmation and/or a possible person to work with.

The link did not work for me. Searched for Meleke and found some info.
If it is used for building construction, it should be hard enough after stabalizing.

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That’s a beginning! Now to figure out how to find a person who’d work with it. Much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can get a photo of the stone and what is wanted, I could post on the lapidary forum I am a member of.

Thank you so much! I will get a pic (not mine). :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try DM’ing these to you, not sure how to upload in a way you can reuse them. Thanks!

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I know what this is! Jerusalem stone, AKA what the western wall is made of (simplistic but the most known form). Been there, touched it, picked up many a piece in walking around Israel.

Is this rock even something you can really cut like a cabochon? Seems more powdery or like cement, depending on the format. In other words, could either blow away as dust, or jackhammer apart like pavement. Sounds strange but it’s the truth, it varies greatly.

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@Xtina You are exactly right. I’m also concerned (doubtful) if it’s feasible at all to cut, or if it’ll just crumble. This is why I was hoping for input from lapidarists who really know the rock. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey guys, This rock is a perfect candidate for stabilizing. It’s porous and will really suck up some juice. I would love to do the work for you however all my equipment is on a boat in the Atlantic headed to the US right now. This rock can be hardened with a product called “cactus juice” This is a plastic resin that is cured with low heat. It is used by many wood turners to harden soft woods. Anyone with a vacuum chamber and this juice can harden your stone. Afterwords it can be cut and polished.
There is also a method of epoxy hardening that is very effective using 2 part clear epoxy glue mixed in acetone. You can find the process on youtube. I have used both processes with great success. Hope this helps, Kyle


Oh my Kyle, thanks a million for this information. I will pass it along.

I agree. Cactus juice is great.