Large Bracelet and Squash Blossom

Hello, this is my second post to the group.

This bracelet was made by Stover Paul Shiprock, NM in 1978. The stone
is 3 1/8" x 4". I’m interested in info, like stone type, and value.

The next piece is marked LH. Purchased in the 70s. Looking for info and value.


These two pieces were purchased from George E, Tsouhlarkis back in 1978. His company was called Native American Artists, Ltd and was located in Lawrence, Kansas at that time. I met him at the fair in Meridian, Mississippi where I was exhibiting Big Jim the Giant Horse.

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The necklace is very similar to a piece we had on the forum before, and was attributed to this artist You might show the hallmark in a picture. Comparing this to the other examples you see I would say $1200 - $1400.

The bracelet is really cool. Looks like a really big rock. I would call this piece of stone Turquoise Mountain. Also, would put this higher than the bear claw just because of that big size stone, $1500 - $1800.

Thanks Jason. I will take and post a photo of the LH hallmark this week.

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Here is a photo of the hallmark.

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Different artist then what I had suggested. I see lots of stuff on the internet attributed to a Les Holden, don’t know anything about this artist.

From the pieces I have seen photos of, Les Holden’s trademark uses a different L than the mark on the piece I have.

I noticed that too, but this is an older piece and the mark could have changed. Some of this stuff is just very hard to identify due to the time it was made. This work looks like it is boom era of the 1980s, and bear claws and leaves were some of the favorite styles.