Large pendant, not NA, but what is this stone? (Sold to me as turquoise)

I purchased this to a few months ago to wear on a long chain I have, and knew it wasn’t Native American. The seller said it was turquoise. It doesn’t really look like any turquoise I am used to seeing, but it does look like real stone. I tested the back with acetone on a q-tip and no color came off.

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My guess is adventurine. It’s a form of microcrystalline quartz, I believe. This is a common color. Reminds me of jade, a bit.

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Possibly, but I have a green adventurine cab an it’s much more “quartzy”. This is pretty dull and flat looking.

The curled motifs in metal look very like Chinese/Tibetan/Asian cloud designs…And the overall feel of the metalwork (weight/thickness) as well. Could be the turquoise is, as well… (Just my limited-knowledge two-cents worth…)


I think adventurine is a good guess but another guess might be Variscite…often offered as a “cheaper turquoise”

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