Large Silver & Turquoise Snake Bolo Tie

Hello from the U.K. I found this bolo tie in a U.K. charity shop yesterday. I collect and wear Native American jewellery. It’s larger than any of my other bolo ties measuring approximately 3” x 2”. I can’t find a signature anywhere. Can you help me identify a possible maker please and the type of turquoise? I paid the equivalent of $3! Thank you. JonT.


Great find and price. This style was made famous by the Calavaza family. This is a picture of a Juan Calavaza buckle. They are Zuni artist. A hallmark would allow us to know who made the piece, without one it is only a guess. Several different Zuni artists have used a snake design in their work.


Thanks Jason. I’ve got a belt buckle by Effie Calavaza with 2 snakes. Another charity shop find.

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Another family that did snake bolos was the Simplicio’s. Both Dan and Mike. There are a least a couple with Mike’s hallmark that have similar cross hatching on the snake head and the circles on the back ground. Like this one Of course Dan didn’t hallmark much of his work but it would be a real find to get a Dan Simplicio and it would make you king of all bargain finders.

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