Large Sterling Silver Eagle Ring - TD Makers Mark

Hello again!

I have a sterling silver eagle ring with a hallmark of the following:

g (which I think is the remainder of "sterling’ which has rubbed away
12GF (gold wash)

Is this possibly Native American? Thank you in advance for looking.

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What a cool ring, while I don't know if it is Native American or not I like it!

What size is it?



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Thank you Darryl! It is an interesting piece. The ring shows a 10 1/2 on my ring mandrel. After some research I finally came up with this on the web.

Still not sure if it is authentic Native American.

I would feel comfortable calling this Native American made. Great looking piece and nice find on the buckle for your research.

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In ‘Hallmarks of the Southwest’. the only T D is Tom David, Navajo, who uses 1/16" gothic stamp. Stamp first used in the 1970s. He is from the Gallup, NM region. No examples of his work shown.Taking the best look that I can, it certainly appears to me that the ring and the buckle are by the same maker.

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Thank you for your time and input. The work and the makers mark seem the same. I will try my best to seek out more info on Tom David.



May I ask where you would price this if you had this in your shop, please?

I think we would have this around $90 - $120. It is a nice ring and probably has a good weight. The thing would be the eagle is not a handmade piece and the gold fill. Hope this helps.

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where did you fine that i lost that ring back in 89 in ohio…Tim

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I also have a TD ring, pictures here. Very stylish and clean line.


My mother found it at an estate sale in California.