Large Turquoise cuff

I know this might not be everyone’s style but I really like it! and I’m curious about it! It’s very heavy, dirty too. I’d like to know what kind of turquoise it is and the approximate age.


it’s exactly my cup of tea, too! <3 non-expert gut instinct, 1970s. It looks quickly made for some reason, makes me think boom era. no opinion on mine. i wouldn’t do more cleaning than a slightly damp baby toothbrush or qtip. the patina makes the blue pop! great find!


Me me me me!! Raising hand wildly… it’s my style! Agree that I’d just give it a light wash to get any gunk off but the patina looks really good on it. Is there no marking on the back or hallmark? That could indicate 60’s or older, perhaps…I believe that’s when hallmarks became more common.

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No markings, Does the back plate look off?

i wondered that too, if the back plate was alpaca, but it almost looks like it was aggressively cleaned with pickling or something. it has that white-ish look, but you would expect the rails to be the same color. Interesting construction.

i just tested both the back plate & the cuff arm & tested positive for sterling.

Added other photos, I agree with your assessment that it was quickly (& roughly also??) made.


That back plate looks like somebody scrubbed it with battery acid. Guess that was their test area, glad they didn’t attempt to go any further than that. That is what chemicals will do to silver…I have a necklace with bench beads that someone did the same thing to and stripped off the finish. The ends look like they were roughly snipped off. Maybe this was a learning piece. But I really like it. It’s unique and the stones are a nice rainbow of color.


Outside photo, looks like red veining on the one stone . Any opinions on what type?


It’s fake - send it to my house immediately for inspection, lol!


Took the words out of my mouth lol.



My husband said it’s going to give me tetanus. (Eye roll)
That one edge is kind of rough!

It could! You might have to put a little sticky pad underneath that one side. Seems like you have quite a variety of types of turquoise represented here, and to my very untrained eye, I would have to leave identification to the experts. The one on the bottom, for some reason, makes me think a little bit of number eight. Not sure why, because that one is usually spotted.

I would have that center stone looked at, because I see a little tear in the silver on the left part of the bezel. That will probably catch on things like strings and sweater knit, and it may not be secure or could tear it further.

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