Lawrence Ohmsatte

I recently bought a Concho link bracelet signed Lawrence Ohmsatte LO. I can’t find any information on this artist other than he was Zuni. Anyone have any history?

I don’t know a Lawrence but I know the family well. I could tell you more with the photo of the piece.

This is photos of the bracelet that I bought two weeks ago from a local flea market here in BC Canada. It is signed LO. I looked on artists signatures and it said Lawrence Ohmsatte. I found three other pieces of his on Ebay. Also found the exact bracelet on Esty. Listed by( Just Lola And Me) listing 233783384. I would love to know more of the artist, the bracelet is beautiful and from the 70’s? Lovely workmanship. I will wear it and treasure it.

I have tried to do some research on this artist name, Lawrence Ohmsatte. I have not found anything that leads me to believe this is the correct name for this piece. The style of this link bracelet is Navajo, not Zuni. I will do some research and see if I can find anything else. Thanks for sharing.