LC initials maker mark 925 bracelet piece, initials in footprint outline or foot imprint

LC mark

LC initials in 925 bracelet, initials (makers mark) inside a small foot outline/foot-imprint/foot-print
Appreciate any help on this; looks more a commercial bracelet, than artisan, but can’t find much with that distinctive mark…or LC in that context…Not seeking a price, rather info on LC/foot Mark…if any…& thanks for looking

I have seen that foot with various initials. I think it is from the Phillipines. Remember reading that somewhere.
Do not know if the foot is attributed to any specific shop.

Thank you…
Did meantime find Key West braided bracelet/bangle, and same mark in exactly same elsewhere bracelet, so could be by a store in KW whose name has LC as initials, though couldn’t prove mark origin 100%, but enough to go by as general info ( they presently offer same pieces)…Thanks for looking at it, really appreciate it ! On Phillipines good to know, many marks come from there in silver…

I was just in Key West last month…these are a popular souvenir and they’re in a LOT of shops.

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