Leaf and Raindrop Turquoise Pendant by David Zachary

I bought this pendant from a woman who used to own a shop. They acquired old stashes of turquoise and then had several different Native American artisans create the jewelry. This particular pendant is only marked with a D but she included the artists name when she shipped the piece. It is fairly heavy at 51.44 grams and has lovely silver work as well as an unusual shaped piece of turquoise. The turquoise is beautiful but I haven’t been able to identify it even after looking at many pictures. I’m hoping that you can help with two things:

  1. Type of turquoise if possible
  2. Approximate value
    Thanks for your help. :blush:

Really nice pendant!

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Thanks. I’m still hoping someone will be able to help me identify the turquoise. I’ve been in the picture books but haven’t found anything close enough for me to decide. I do really like the colors in it!

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That’s cool how it is wavy! Kingman?


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Those are nice pieces. I don’t think mine is Kingman. The matrix doesn’t look like what I’m used to seeing. I’m hoping @Jason will chime in with his opinion. Thanks

@Jason would you please give me your opinion is turquoise? Thanks

It doesn’t look like the style you see with the web, but I have seen Candelaria that looks just like this.


Thank you. I thought it might be based on one or two pictures I had seen but I am not well-versed enough to make the call. Thank you for helping me identify it. I appreciate your knowledge.

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