Lee Thompson signature on Squash Blossom question

I purchased this squash blossom at an estate sale- it is signed “Lee Thompson” In trying to research the artist I can only

find pieces stamped LT but mine shows the entire name. (see photos) Im trying to age the piece and wondered if anyone can tell me anything about the artist and/or opinions on the type of turquoise / coral in the piece. I didn’t know anything about Squash Blossoms until I bought this so trying to learn. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing. I couldn’t find any information on the artist. The squash blossom is the official state necklace of New Mexico. This little blurb gives a history http://www.ereferencedesk.com/resources/state-symbols/new-mexico/necklace.html. You necklace looks like a circa 1980s Navajo creation. Hope this helps.