Leekity Cross Pendant

Hi all,

I picked up this cross by George & Lupita Leekity today. I paid a little more than I would have liked but I hate driving all the way to a shop only to come back empty handed. The pendant itself is a common design for the Leekity’s, it appears that this particular cross was cast multiple times.

My question is in regard to the turquoise. At first I assumed it to be Chinese, but after some research, I was unable to find any examples of the couple using Chinese materials in their work. What kind of turquoise do you guys think it may be?

What kind of turquoise? That’s easy, it’s nice turquoise!
Seriously, it looks a lot like lone mountain. But then again nice hubei or kingman.

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Thanks for the suggestions @markyboy57. Someone I know suggested that it may be Kingman Spiderweb, and sent me a picture of a Kingman Spiderweb Stone they were currently cabbing. I will say that that matrix pattern is very similar:

Here is a new one. I would call the turquoise on your piece Chinese. The cost of these new are $67.50. I like the straight edges of yours better.