Legit Tommy Singer piece?

I hope I’m not overposting…I try to post topics that are good learning opportunities. I was helping a friend set up at a nearby antique show and came across a box of silver. Because I’m weak to the turq, a cuff caught my eye that resembled a pendant I have. It’s marked “T. Singer” but not in a font that I’ve seen online as one Tommy Singer’s signatures. It’s also not marked “sterling” as usually appears under his hallmark. And stylistically his bracelets seem to have more of a hopi look to them. I’m guessing it’s not an authentic Singer piece, however I welcome any thoughts you might have on it. (In the 2nd photo it’s the wide silver cuff with the single blue stone,) Thank you all!


that is one nice looking cuff. screen capture below from 1 online source of examples

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Love them both!! It’s a good thing that I don’t live close to any markets…I would be broke continuously!!

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It sure looks legitimate to me. Singer used a number of hallmarks. The cuff is great and should probably go to live at your house.

Thank you @Steve and @Islandmomma for your insight, that’s promising. I’m still pondering this piece tho. I recall posting something a while back that had a dark recessed background made up of “scratch marks” that put a piece in question. Other Singer pieces the lady had seemed to have a more granular pattern in the dark recessed areas. Hmmmmm

I’ve seen more recent “T&S Singer” pieces that have the scratch-marked looking background.

Both cuffs are beautiful.