Leo Harvey Piece from 1985 Purchase in Park City Utah

My wife and I were in Park city Utah in 1985 and purchase this piece of jewelry on Main Street at an art gallery. We were told at the time that it was done by a Native American who had done work and it was in the Smithsonian. We could not remember the name of the artist, my wife wrote a note to state that with the peace. She recently passed away from cancer and in the safe was this piece of jewelry that we are trying to identify. Through a reverse google we found Ace an identical piece that said it was a Leo Harvey piece. However, we cannot find a hallmark on this , could this be of Leo Harvey piece and I’ve had a hallmark that far back? We are all so interested in the value of this not that we’re going to sell it but pass it on to our daughter.

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Welcome to Turquoise People! I did find that Leo Harvey piece for the $1200. It is possible that the listing knows the name, or they just came up with a name. I am not familiar with a Leo Harvey bead maker and tried to do some online searching and in my reference books and couldn’t come up with anything. It hasn’t been until recently that we see a large number of bead makers using a hallmark, in 1985 I don’t think this is common place. You have a very nice set of handmade beads, I do not get a sense of how long the necklace is which does change value. I am going to assume 22" and think of a price around $450 - $600.

Thanks Jason for the info. I think I paid $600 for it in 1985. The one I saw online did have a hallmark of LH on it. I guess will keep searching for more info. Appreciate your input.

I guess I am always thinking in Gallup, New Mexico prices. That would definitely be very high here in 1985. Good luck

I have a necklace that looks identical, same stamping, sterling, long, heavy. I bought my necklace in Santa Fe decades ago and I saw the same necklace in seemingly every shop on that trip.

Harvey’s signature jewelry pieces had a mosaic inlay style consisting of a cardinal, blue jay, or humming bird. These designs were combined with the “cluster work” of Zuni-Pueblo. Behind each work was the signature stamp, “LH Sterling.”

There are a few Leo Harvey threads on this site if you search his name.