Letter M Hallmark?

Looking for some help identifying this M hallmark. I’m guessing this is probably southwestern and not true Native American. Any help would be much appreciated.

That is going to take awhile to find. A single letter, even though it is a unique one; will be difficult to find quickly. There are many artists listed with the letter M in the books. Unfortunately that requires you to look up each name and examine the known hallmark. Have you tried all of the online resources that are listed on this forum in previous posts?

Guessing by the style and stamp work I would think of this piece as recent or modern. The condition is like new. Given those two observations I wonder if this isn’t a manufactured cuff. All my humble opinion of course and I would defer to the pros as usual.

It is a desirable cuff.

You might test this, from the looks of the metal it has a nickel look. After we find out if it is sterling or not we will have a better chance at getting the right answer.

I test all my sterling. This is sterling.

Ok, then I think that Christibo is correct in thinking it is manufactured. The piece seems like it is casted, instead of stamped, a couple of stamps added to the design after the casting. This style of bracelet is very popular and that is why you see so many of them and so many different marks.