Little bird fetish necklace

Would you say this is a AI made turquoise necklace. Has lots of light color stone in the mix and what looks like a single bead half blue stone half clear that looks like quarts stone. Did the hot needle test in several places including the clear stone -did not penetrate/mark the material. It’s cold to the touch like stone. 24" length -clasp tests as 925. Any info appreciated. Thanks you.

What is AI? The turquoise looks good, something stabilized. Not sure what is going on with fetishes, usually will match up much better, possible novice, not sure if it is Zuni. The birds are so different from each other, they don’t all match in color, maybe it is someone who collected birds over time and when they had enough beading the necklace?

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lol AI American Indian -thanks for your help

Sorry, got it. I want to say they are AI birds, maybe just not all the same artist?

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