Little help with possible origin and maker

Hi, I recently obtained this ring and wanted to find out more info if possible. I wanted something with fire agate and this seemed to fit the bill, now I would like to know more. The yellow lighting makes the silver look like something else. The face is fairly large at just over 1/8 inch measured either way, weighed in at 20.7 grams before having it downsized to my dainty size 12 finger. Hallmark appears to be an ‘A’ with H overstrike or vice versa , or maybe M or W with line through the middle. Perhaps Navajo origin? ( I know very little about Jewelry) . Bezel ( To me anyway) appears to be handcut.

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This is a beautiful ring. It is hard to get a good look with the flash, but it appears you ring is newer? The style is definitely Navajo. I couldn’t find a hallmark that matched. Can you tell me if that line across the w or m is as deep as the other lines?

Hi Jason, The ring had been cleaned up a bit before I got it and the jeweler that re-sized it really cleaned it up, it did have the look of reasonably long use beforehand . The line across appears to be same depth. However the appearance to me is that two different stamps were used, in the to areas where they cross the silver seems pinched if you know what I mean and the left bottom of ‘A’ (if thats what it is) doesn’t quite match up withe left line of ‘W’