Looking for a little help with this piece.

I am looking to find out if anyone knows the artist. And also what you think this beautiful piece may be worth. Thank you


Try looking for either Johnson Yazzie or Arnold Yassie. Both have a Y hallmark, but could not find much petitpoint jewelry attributed to them.

Those are Navajo last names, and this is a Zuni style necklace, so I doubt either of those are what the Y represents. Despite it being a Zuni style necklace I’m not convinced that it’s Zuni hand made; the back looks strange to me.


My thoughts too, plus all of the silverwork on the front, including the jump rings and chain, isn’t speaking Zuni. Asian-import vibe.


Agree with above. I did see the two mentioned Navajo names did some jewelry in this style, so thought I would mention it.


Agree about the silver work and chain. The mass produced chain would be unusual on a necklace like this, usually a Zuni necklace of this style would have a handmade link chain. The smashed rain drops on the front also look particularly unusual to me. Also, those single stamp capital block letter hallmarks (sometimes one letter, sometimes two), always set off alarm bells in my head. They’re purposely generic enough that they could match a number of names, but usually are just randomly chosen.


Thank you @OrbitOrange and @chicfarmer for the details about what you find out of the norm for Zuni pieces like this. I don’t own any Zuni petit point/needle point jewelry so I don’t know as much about it, but something about this piece didn’t seem quite right to me (especially the chain).


Yes thank you very much . So does anyone know what an imported necklace is worth? Just weight?