Looking for additional information on collection

I Have several pieces that I would have to guess are from the mid late 70’s. My dad bought these when we moved to Arizona. Don’t know exactly where he got them. Some have a a hallmark that I cannot locate anywhere. I have attached pictures.

Thanks for sharing. These all look 1970s - 80s. All of the pieces look Navajo made. They call the squash blossom style shadow box. The five stone bracelet looks to be by the same artist as the necklace, I could not find anything on the hallmark. The bracelet looks to be Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, can not tell on the necklace but appears to be different from the image. I don’t know if that ring is Native American made, doesn’t look like something you see often. The last bracelet looks to be a piece of water web Kingman. I find a name associated with that hallmark John Charley.