Looking for help on a hallmark

I have several copper pieces with chip inlays that look to be from the same artist. The hallmark looks like a figure with hands raised. does anyone recognize this? I have been unable to find it anywhere online.

I couldn’t find anything. You say you have several pieces? Did you acquire them all at once, where, year, etc…? Any additional information will help. Also, it would be great to see an image of the whole piece and the craftsmanship.

Hi Jason, These pieces are from a collection I inherited from a family member. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona and I believe most were purchased in the early to mid 70’s. There is a Peyote bird necklace, 3 bracelets and 3 pins that were packaged together. They all have the same hallmark. That is all I know so far. Thanks!

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I don’t know the maker but seems I remember artists using copper during some point in the 70’s because of the high silver prices at that time. Nice collection : )

I was unsuccessful finding anything that would help. You might try sending Ortega’s in Old Scottsdale an image of the work and hallmark. It might have been a shop mark and maybe your family member shopped in this area.