Looking for info on earings with L.M.NEZ hallmark

I was wondering if anyone knew if hallmark on clip earings could be in any relation to Leonard Nez jeweler. The L is so faint the camera doesn’t pick it up. I just love these earings but not sure when my mom aquired these. In the mid 90’s? Any info on jeweler(s), style, stones, worth would be awesome, thanks :smile:

Hello, thanks for sharing. This is a style of Leonard Nez. He is married to Marian Nez, so maybe this is an old stamp for Leonard & Marian Nez. Just looked it up in Bille Hougart’s book, that is it. The stones look like pieces of Kingman Turquoise, he takes two pieces of triangle wire and saws designs not sure if the style has a name. I imagine these earrings would be around $90 if you came across them in a gallery. Hope this helps.

Thanks so much Jason!