Looking for information on era, type of turquoise and maybe appraisel?

Hi, I have come by a very gorgeous necklace which I think you call a squash blossom necklace? It is made of green turquoise? round beads, onyx round beads and silver round beads. De squash pendants are made of silver with a very intrinsic setting and are set with greenish turquoise of is it maybe another stone?

It has no markings and has a simple Native made hook closure. It weighes about 120 grams.

It would help me greatly when there is someone who can tell me more about this piece, like:

Age? Tribe? Handmade? stone? Appraisel?

Thanks so much for thinking with me!

Kindest regards, Ester

Hi, I doubt that this is “Native American” made. The stones are in my opinion not turquoise. Was this sold to you as “Native American” Have you tested it for Silver quality? Concerning the Age: i would say this is contemporary.

Thank you Maggie, anyone else an idea?

I would have to agree with Maggie, it is possible that it could be Native American, but it definitely looks more like Native American style to me.

The stones don’t look like turquoise to me. Although I can’t zoom in very much without the pictures getting blurry, I might say that the larger tear drop stones are chrysocolla (which is often found with turquoise in it). It is very possible that this is a hand- crafted piece (as opposed to hand made). As far as the age, Maggie is correct in stating that it is a contemporary piece, and is likely post- 1990’s. As far as a tribe is concerned, there is really no way to tell which tribe it is affiliated with without any markings, and even more difficult when it Native American “style,” because it may not even be Native made.

If all of the beads, clasps and findings on the necklace are sterling silver, I would price this necklace in my store between $50 to $75.

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Hi Bigbree43,

Thanks for your reply, your remark about the stones being chrysocolla could be right, that was my second thougt.

Kindest regards, Ester.

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I would call it a station necklace…not a squash blossom

Hi Karne,
Thanks for your reply, can you explain a bit more about what a station necklace is?

Kindest regards, Ester.

A station necklace has several pendants hanging on it at regular intervals with no one central pendant – that is, it doesn’t have a naja.

Think of a map of a subway or bus line with regular stops on it from end to end, all the same.


Ah okay, thanks so much for clearing that up!

Hello, been away on holiday. I keep a more traditional view on what a squash blossom is, namely the squash blossom motif needs to be incorporated into the necklace. A station necklace is one that has a recurring motif, positioned equidistant along the length of the necklace. No squash blossom motif involved. 3 stations would be a center motif and the one on each side. 5 stations would have a center the, two on each side & etc.

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Hi Karne,

Thanks again, hope you had a great holiday!