Looking for reputable dealer in phoenix

Trying to find a reputable dealer in Phoenix Arizona. I am going to be in town and I really have no need for the jewelry I have inherited. Was thinking of bring it with me when I come to town.


If you are selling to a dealer, you probably will not get the full value that your jewelry is worth. You need to find someone who collects (as opposed to a re-seller) to get the best $ for your pieces.


Another option is to trade. Advertising on local facebook swap & shops work well. I have traded for at or above value. - Depends on what buyer seller has to trade.
Don’t know what your experience is with online swapping so here is important tip. When listing -put main objectives in listing TITLE so buyers can find ad -example (For Sale or Trade Turquoise for Working Van). You can elaborate within description to include all the other info. Good photos sell.

After thinking about that example title you could end-up with a turquoise van lol. The title space on facebook is limited so choose key words.

Never know a turquoise van might be the ticket


If you are serious about selling your pieces there is a store in North Scottsdale called Old Town Trading Co. at 4009 Brown at 1st, it is the only store we ever buy jewelry from as they are very trustworthy and reputable. The only other place is in Gilbert, 75 W. Baseline Road Suite #6, Gilbert, Arizona 85233, they are also good. What type of jewelry are you selling?

I have several different pieces I just have no real use for. I have now inherited a few more. I have pics listed on here trying to locate a hallmark on a previous post