Looking for stones

I’m looking for a reputable person or company to purchase turquoise Cabochons from and some spiny oyster to use in my jewelry making. I’m not doing volume, just for my personal use and not resale. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks all!


I love spiny oyster : )

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Most of the artists I know get spiny oyster from Red Shell http://www.redshelljewelry.com. You might try nevadagem.com for turquoise.

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I have noticed that Gallup Trading Co. has some nice looking cabs on their website. I’m not sure as to their reputation.

Thanks much Jason, I appreciate it!

Thank you! I’ll check them out also.

Oh. My. Word.

Nevada Gem: That Lander Blue page… (swoon).

I can’t tell you how tempted I am to buy one of those cabs for a wedding anniversary ring. I would certainly be proud to have one of those pieces!

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They do have some nice stones, they purchased a collection from Steve Harper. They can be expensive.

These are exactly what I was looking for Jason, thanks so much! I have another question for you. Do you have folks that will select and replace a missing stone? I have a couple that will need a specific size.

Yes, we can replace stones and shape them to fit.

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Terrific, thank you!

I had several stones replaced and they did a very good job at reasonable prices. Good matches on pieces that had multiple stones. Have no fear!

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