Looking for this Andrew Laahte Pendant .... *part deux


Sep '19

27280054019_081e4fa9f6_z image

*I had this Beauty and sold it on Ebay few years back . I now am looking to replace the exact same thing with or w/o turqouise heishi. *
Andrew Laahte’s signature hallmark on back stamped AL below Sun on plate… *cant enlarge pic w/o pixels making it fuzzy.
Thanks Keep well all.


Did you find the Laahte pendant you were looking for?
I just looked through my stash and have a similar one signed JL.

Hi @AuntE …No, I have not been able to find another… Can we see the similar one you have? Thanks


do you need it to be specifically signed by Andrew Laahte?

this piece is unsigned



Thanks for sharing your stash with me @AuntE … Very pretty! :grinning:

@Steve, Not looking for a signed piece. The ‘rounded’ (humped) stones are what I’m looking for…Very similar to my elusive sold one.
Thank you… :+1:

Larry and Faye Lonjose also do the rounded inlay. I had one of their sunface birds.

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Yes, They do awesome work!. Thanks @Chaparral …I’m keeping
my options open…

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***oh em gee. Look at Julalita Lamy’s work!!!.. :raised_hands:

@Chaparral i wish to thank you for again for suggesting the Lonjoses’.
I researched a li’l and found Janta Lonjose whose hallmark is also a JL… who works inlay sunfaces…
I believe @AuntE has an original of Julalita’s… …

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