Lorraine Waatsa Sugulite Necklace and earrings

I’m pretty sure that this is a piece made by Lorraine Waatsa based on searching the internet. It is a style that I have seen attributed to her. The part that I am having trouble with is the stone. It looks like Sugulite to me and I can find nothing by her with this stone that is currently for sale. I also got matching earrings. I found the same set done in coral and it was listed for $600+. What I don’t know is how Sugulite compares price wise with Coral. So I guess my questions are 1) Is it made by her 2)is it really Sugulite 3) is it as valuable as one done in turquoise or coral?

is it possible to date it?


This is Lorraine and that is sugilite. Many times sugilite is more expensive than coral. She is in her 50s, I imagine made in the last 20 years.


Thanks so much. I read her interview on Perry Null so figured you would know. It’s more delicate than most of my Native American jewelry but it sure looks good on. Maybe I’ll get lucky and come across more of her work. I’d also like some of her Mother’s pieces.

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Hello, are you interested in selling the necklace? Please let me know!
Thank you

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I’m sorry I sold that a couple of years ago. It was beautiful. I hope you’re able to find another one.

Wow, I don’t think I saw this thread the first time around, but what a cool necklace! How neat to have something by Lorraine in sugilite. I could be wrong about this, but I think Alice only worked in turquoise and coral. I’ve seen some pieces by Lorraine using various non traditional stones, but I hadn’t seen anything in sugilite before. Really pretty!

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