M Tsosie Belt Buckle. But which Tsosie?

I’m part showing off this nice belt buckle I just bought, and I’m part asking if anyone knows who M Tsosie is?
I realize that this a famous silversmithing family. I was hoping to narrow it down a little. Thank you all.

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When you think of names like Tsosie, or Begay, or Chee; equate that to anglo names like Smith, Brown, and Johnson. There is a family of Tsosie that are silversmiths, but there are more families of Tsosie that aren’t. understanding that would also make it possible for there to be a Tsosie that is a silversmith, but not from that famous family. The Navajo tribe is over 300,000 people.

I looked through my resources and did not find this particular stamp. It is a nice looking buckle for sure! Looks like 1980’s work to me.

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It appears you are not the only one looking for the answer. I did a google search and several of his/her pieces show with no one using a first name. Most likely this is due to the internet gap, this artist could possibly not have made jewelry past this 70s - 80s timeframe. I did look in Wrights hallmark book and they have to M with middle initials Tsosie that are associated with Atkinson Trading Company, you might research here.

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I also did a search of eBay and Etsy and found a number of pieces using the same mark, M. Tsosie. The marks look identical, with the same font etc. This could mean that this individual was prolific, or that there was more than one M. Tsosie, or that it’s just a coincidence. Who knows?! It would be nice if we could know something about the people who made these items. There is so little biographical information available. It seems to me that part of the story is missing.


You might ask Lyndon Tsosie of The House of Stamps in Gallup NM. He’s pretty great.