Maker Id and info about marks

Hi all. I have this silver belt, its Hopi I think and it’s been in the family for quite a few years. Each circle is about the size of a half dollar, I think it’s a very beautiful piece and I’m interested in knowing more about it. Who made it and what the pictures mean, any info would be greatly appreciated. I plan on keeping it in the family and want to be able to pass on the story as well. Thank you all, in advance.

Jason C

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Thanks for sharing. This belt is a Navajo made belt. The hallmark belongs to an artist by the name of Gibson Gene. You will find Yei’ symbols for the Navajo Holy People, kokopelli which is a fertility god, a storyteller with a hogan, a lizard and the others just designs. Hope that helps.

Wow awesome thank you very much, it helps a great deal. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me this info.

Jason C.

Do you know if Gibson Gene is still living?

That I do not know, I asked a couple of silversmiths if they knew him and none did.

Again, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, you have been a great help. Have a good evening.