Maker's Mark, Stone and Tribe

Could anyone please help with this child’s turquoise cuff. The stone is so perfect, is it sleeping beauty? It is marked sterling twice but I cannot ascertain the artist mark. There are etchings along the cuff including sun, crossed arrows, arrowhead, sun symbols, Shaman’s eye, and more. Thank you in advance for looking!

Hello, thanks for sharing your bracelet. This is early production jewelry and wold be something like Maisel’s or Fred Harvey. The stone does throw you off some, you think of this age of piece having a real piece of turquoise. It can be hard to tell from the image, but does the stone appear to be real? I don’t know the dates of the Sleeping Beauty mine but I believe this bracelet is before you start seeing turquoise marketed from Sleeping Beauty. So, if it is turquoise it is most likely something from Nevada. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your help Jason. I am not certain at all about the stone. It is a such a uniform color. Even under magnification it is difficult for me to say either way. As for the maker’s mark, it does appear to be Maisels or at least other people are listing similar items with that very mark. I thank you very much for your time.