Makers marks


I have this bracelet but haven’t been able to find out the maker. It has LL and A Touch of Santa Fe Sterling. Any information will be appreciated

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hello emmalouise, I checked almost all of the products listed for sale over at but could not locate another inlay piece attributed to a named artist that would match your LL

it might help if you could try again with the hallmark photo

Lavonne Lalio possible?

Thanks for your help it must not have uploaded properly hopefully it works this time

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good follow up picture!

I called a touch of santa fe direct and asked them if they could please name the artist who signed their name " LL"

Lambert Livingston was the answer given

so i looked for examples of his work and stamp

i can’t say for certain when a touch of santa fe changed to TSF or even if Lambert Livingston was using just LL at the time your bracelet was made but you have some more pieces to the puzzle.


Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it