Mans Cuff Watch?

Hello everyone and I hope everyone has been healthy and happy! Thanks in advance for help- I just got a piece and I want to share and try to get some info on it as I am kinda rusty-its been a while since my last visit- This piece weighs 158 grams with the watch piece in it-I have not removed it yet to see if it actually works but I did get a battery for it to test. I do not know anything about it other than it is marked with LC but staggered on top of each other wondering if anyone recognizes this mark?? Or possible age on it-It appears to possible have been something else??

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Interesting and beautiful.
There should have been tabs under the wings to secure the watch. if they are not there, they might have broke.

The watch is secure -I have not removed it yet no idea how to! LOL

The side pieces were designed to be bent back by someone who knew how to carefully do it.
If you do not, I would recommend taking to a jeweler or experienced metal smith.

It is actually going to my jeweler I do not want to risk breaking that-Any idea on the initials or possible age on this piece? O know it is older because of the construct on it

I checked my usual places and could not find that mark.
Would guess age to be pre-1990.

Yes I also have looked but nothing-I think it is #8 Turquoise-but I could be wrong there too! LOL This was given to me so a nice gift! I will sell it tho as it is for a man!

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How much do you want?

Well I want to first see if that watch in it works-I bought a battery for it-am gonna get it changed at jewelers hopefully later today the watch is a Bulova Accuquartz with the diamond accent worth about 200 alone-gonna see what jeweler says value of piece is-BUT I am ALWAYS open to offers!!! =)

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