Marked Sterling Cuff Bracelet

This Bracelet is marked with Mexico 925 TM- 253. I don’t know to much about Mexican jewelery or their hallmarks. Hoping that I could get some help with this.

Hi Tonia! That’s an attractive bracelet. You are correct, Mexico is the origin. This is post-1979, when they started using the letters-numbers hallmark system. The first letter is a city (in this case, Taxco), the 2nd initial is the person’s last name, and the number has to do with identifying this maker amongst all the others with a T last name. SO this maker was the 253rd person with the last name starting T, to register a hallmark in Taxco, after 1979. Unfortunately, the records are so poor, that very very few of these letter/number marks are identifiable to a specific person.

Thank you. That does help. I also have been looking for other jewelry made by that hallmark. Im finding it rather difficult