Massive Bisbee Haul & Trip to AZ!

So, the Army sent me to Arizona (Fort Huachuca) for two weeks of training, and let me say I have been having a blast!! After getting off of work I have been traveling all over and buying so much turquoise and hunting for treasures all over. I was even lucky enough to go explore a few privately owned mines!! I thought I would share some pics with everyone.

First, I met with a lapidarist who works out of his kitchen. He had loads of inventory that he let me paw through. Originally, I was just looking to purchase some Bisbee, but ended up buying stones from China, Mexico, some variscite, and more to add to my collection. I bought so much that he even threw in some freebies.

I was also fortunate enough to be put in contact with a gentleman who owns property out here in AZ, on which at least three mines are located. The mines were originally for extracting copper and silver ore, and turquoise was the byproduct. I was allowed to take whatever I could carry in my Army issued backpack. I wish I could have grabbed more, but the hike up to the mine was INTENSE. The high elevation out here really kicked my ass, lol. Here’s some of the material I found:

A few pics of me in the mines:

I learned so much from being able to gather my own material. I always though turquoise was found in huge chunks, but this mine produced lots of thin veins. I am having someone cab up my finds, so it’s Impossible to know just by looking if the turquoise is just a thin layer, or runs deep throughout the host rock. The lapidarist was able to give me a few cabs from one of the rocks I found. I’m not particularly a fan of ribbon turquoise, but I’m really fond of these because I can say that I found them myself:

I also got the chance to visit Bisbee, where I was able to pick up some more fantastic material:

The Lavender Pit:

I am also really excited about this little piece of Bisbee, that has a small Druzy pocket. I’ve never seen anything like this before:

Sorry for the long post y’all. I’m just having so much fun out here, and I love sharing my passion with others who enjoy it as well💕


Nice stuff, lucky dog! A trip like that would be my greatest fantasy. Although anymore I would of had a heart attack before getting to the first mine.

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Trust me when I say I though I was about to have one. I think he said the elevation was about 5800-ish feet? My California lungs were struggling lol :joy:

I’m so happy for you! And how great of you to share with us! Nice adventure and when good things happen, they ar deserved! Thangs again for sharing and for your service!

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OMG, so super cool! :sunglasses:
I almost feel like I was there! You said “yes” to every opportunity and got lots of goodies to take home plus stories, memories and bragging rights!l. What an experience—I’m thrilled for you! Thanks for sharing. I posted not long ago about how happy I was to get the book on turquoise that I ordered; that pales in comparison to this! Please do share pics of the polished end products as they come in. Your story is perfect for a blog or published article.

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What a wonderful experience. To be able to go into a mine and pick your own. Love that Bisbee with the crystals.

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Thank you for the kind words @AmazinG💕

That’s so nice of you to say!! Thank you @Ivegotthenac! A lot of people have told me that I am lucky to be able to get my own material of if a mine, because at most other mines, this isn’t allowed anymore. I was told that any tours that are conducted inside mines make you stay inside a little mine cart the entire time (for safety reasons). This is definitely and adventure I will never, ever forget!


Thank you @fernwood! I’m really excited to be brining back so much Bisbee. My idea behind buying so much rough and polished turquoise was to be able to handle it and examine it more. So hopefully it is easier to identify when I’m out shopping.


Thanks so much for sharing what looks like an amazing experience with us. Love your turquoise finds. Excited to see your finished cabs as well.

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@Currada so glad to hear you liked the photos!! I will post pics when I get the finished cabs.

Wow -how cool! Great experience and great haul. Love them all especially Smokey & Lavender. Happy you got to go and at the right time of the year.

That’s so cool that you got to mine your own turquoise! What an awesome experience.

My sentiments exactly!

Totally cool! I would love to have a collection of stones from each mine someday.

Your post just made my day! So happy you had this experience, thank you for sharing. And thank you for your service!

Awesome trip, you scored!