Matilde Poulat/Ricardo Salas Brooch... Value, Age, Etc

TY in advance for any info!!

Matl Salas Mexico .925

There are ‘Chips’ in some of the Turquoise, if you look closely across the top & around the Amethyst. The Coral looks pretty good.

There is no “MS-12” mark on it.

I don’t what to ask for this on eBay!?
Is it even sell-able in this condition?

Again, THANKS for any info!

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Hi Pete!

Let me just say that this is a beautiful piece, I would definitely wear something like this. Let me also say, that yes, it is definitley “in sellable condition.” Although there might be some chips in the turquoise (I cannot see them in your picture) I don’t think that it should effect the value too much. Matl Salas is a very collectible maker, and I think you should have no problem selling it. Here are some Matl Salas pieces that are currently listed on eBay, no bids.

Now, just remember that those are asking prices. Personally, they seem rather high to me. Alternatively, here are some pieces that have already sold on eBay.

Those selling prices seem a bit low, but the asking prices I feel are very, very high. I cannot tell how big or small your brooch is, which will impact the price greatly. Tentatively, I would say your brooch is somewhere in between, until we can see it’s size.

I only have a couple pics with a ruler next to it… it’s about 3", a little less maybe.

It swings/flaps, as well… I don’t know if that matters!?

I think I said this before, eBay’s not the place it used to be! I sold some stuff about 10 years ago & the amount of lookers/watchers was a LOT higher!

Thanks for the info by the way!

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Also, I was able to find out that Matl Salas used different hallmarks over the years, so that will help you date the piece. Here is a similar one I found to yours, but not quite as extravagant.

If you intend on selling it on eBay, I believe a good “buy it now” price would be anywhere from $195 to $295. Another option is to go $300 or higher, and accept a best offer. At $300+ you might be sitting on it for a long while. But you get your money’s worth. There are many people who collect Mexican silver and I can see your brooch being a good addition to their collection. But I think your brooch is worth more than you can get for it on eBay. I am not expert, just an admirer of beautiful jewelry. I hope this info was helpful for you.

I know that user @Bartleby collects high end Mexican silver, id like to see what he thinks about this pin.

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Greetings from California Pete. Bartleby A.K.A., Jon here. When I saw your photo of what looks like a Taxco "Tiki ", face pin, I had a feeling you had some items from South America. My humble opinion, very nice item. I started long ago with a interest in William Spratling. This led to Taxco, Castillo Brothers, and of course Margot de Taxco & others. Spratlings use of Ancient Codex of the Native people got my attention. As did the fact he reopened the old mines, ( or so I’ve read ). Bree has given you the info I would have. She covered what you need to know. I sold on Ebay but a decade ago. It’s changed, yes. I can give Ebay tips, but I bet you know them. How you list is very important. To answer a question, yes it is in " good " condition. Age related wear. I would simply be honest by saying Vintage, item has age related wear. The great thing, your pins intact and in great shape, it has its middle lock, not bent, etc. It’s wearable! That’s great. Your Ebay photo is key as you well know. Price, ends on how quickly you wish to sell. Jewelers use Ebay as a sign of what the market can bring. Perhaps set a price with Best Offer. An exact price in honesty from me, would be taken from research on Ebay & online. Thanks for posting. The 2 doves re found in Margot de Taxco work. I hope something in my response is helpful Pete. Jon

Everything in all your responses is valuable info for me!
I love to learn new things & the wealth of info from everybody here tells me I’m really, really thankful to have found this site!

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