Mexican hallmark

Just by chance…anyone recognize this Mexican Hallmark? Not in Hougart’s book.

Looks like a flower with the name above it starting with an M.

Thanks for your efforts.


@nanc9354 That’s a pretty necklace (is there a different term for this style?) I have quite a bit of vintage Mexican jewelry but haven’t seen this hallmark before. The piece looks contemporary to me. What do you think? I’ll do some research on the hallmark.

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Yes.Thank you for your compliment.

it looks Contemporary. I did a google search on a screenshot and nothing came up. It is heavy at almost 100 Grams. I’ve never seen that hallmark before either.

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@nanc9354 Sorry, I could’t find this hallmark. Don’t feel like I even came close. I did learn that this style is referred to as a collar or cuff or choker necklace.