Mexican or Native?

I’ve had this ugly pin for years :joy: I rediscovered it in the shop and wanted to see what you guys thought. The clasp reminds me of many Mexican pieces. The hallmark looks non- Mexican. Also, I can’t tell what the pin is supposed to be? When it’s in it’s normal position, it looks like a fish? When turned upwards it looks like a squash blossom? Help!

In its normal position:

Titled upright:

Hallmark & clasp:

It screams Mexico to me. Hollow ware, pin clasp. Never heard of United Artists though. Can you tell if the stones are glass or Turquoise? The name suggests a group of artists, so maybe look at collectives or museums. I have checked Hougart’s book for Mexico and there is nothing. You could try to reach out to Billie, but he is not very responsive these days, perhaps you have the piece that will be unique enough to get a reply from him. Sorry not much help.

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I have to agree with you it is certainly a Mexican piece.

I thought we resolved this back in November, then I realized it was a PM!